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Community focused energy projects more likely to win hearts and minds for the energy transition

While suspicion and resistance to big renewable developments is growing in some regional areas, local community energy projects around the country not only provide additional renewable energy to the grid, they enable communities to feel involved and directly benefit from the renewable energy transition.

Whereas large scale renewable projects are invariably focused on industry needs, community projects are more likely to win hearts and minds for the energy transition because they focus on the needs of the community first and foremost and are usually run by passionate, committed volunteers with less vested interests.

Dr Jarra Hicks, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Community Power Agency, discusses the role of community energy in the energy transition, how Local Energy Hubs can help people move from being confused bystanders to active participants in, and beneficiaries of, the transition, and the barriers that currently impede the sector.

Anne Delaney
SwitchedOn Editor
May 26, 2024
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