The world is transitioning to an all-electric future, and over the next twenty years we will all be on a journey to electrify everything - our homes, our cars, and our businesses.

Electrification is now acknowledged as being essential for the world to get to zero emissions in the fastest possible time.

And that’s because electrification is now the cheapest way to run our homes and businesses, and how we can have the biggest and fastest impact on climate this decade.

Electrifying everything means ditching gas stoves, water heaters and space heaters, petrol cars, diesel trucks, and coal fired power stations, etc, and replacing them with induction stoves, electric cars, trucks and buses, heat pumps, solar panels, wind turbines, and storage. 

But we don’t just need to electrify – we need to electrify efficiently. 

Energy efficient, climate friendly electrical appliances are critical to getting the transition right.

The next stage of the energy transition will depend on what we do as individuals.

And we know individuals can make a difference. 

Australian households have already shown how to kick coal out of our grid by putting solar on our rooftops. 

We now have the highest rate of rooftop solar in the world and access to the cheapest electricity. 

But now we need to kick gas out of our homes and businesses.

We can do that by electrifying everything. And the aim of SwitchedOn is to show how this can be done, and to bust some of the myths and misinformation that stand in the way.

SwitchedOn is produced by the crew from RenewEconomy, who have been tracking the green energy transition for more than a decade, and supported by Boundless Earth, an independent philanthropic initiative helping Australia become a global force in a decarbonised world.

SwitchedOn will be posting new content every week, including news and analysis, explainers, myth busters, podcasts and web stories that identify the opportunities and challenges of electrifying everything.

So please check back regularly. And if there’s something you want to know about the electrification journey, or if you have a suggestion for a story, let us know at switchedon@reneweconomy.com.au

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