E-bikes & their essential role in net zero transport, but not with poor quality bikes

Electric bikes are taking Australia by storm as more people recognise they can be used for commuting.

Bike advocates argue e-bikes, and active transport, should have a large part to play in our transport future. 50% of all trips across our cities are now less than 5 kilometres – a perfect distance for e-biking.

Peter Bourke, the General Manager of Bicycle Industries Australia and the Executive Officer of We Ride Australia, estimates that if we increase the number of e-bike commutes by just 5%, it will not only have a massive impact on traffic congestion, the environment, and our health, but also carbon emissions.

To help achieve net zero transport we need to change our thinking about bike riding and active transport and ensure people feel safe riding by building more infrastructure and dedicated spaces to active transport. But just when we need e-bikes to help decarbonise our transport, we’re seeing an increase in poor quality and potentially dangerous e-bikes entering the country.

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Anne Delaney
SwitchedOn Editor
June 4, 2024
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Peter Bourke
How better infrastructure and quality e-bikes can help decarbonise transport
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