A new go-to consumer guide to help make decisions on rooftop solar and batteries

The federal government has launched its online Solar Consumer Guide to help make picking the right rooftop solar and battery system 'as easy as possible.'

Australian households and businesses looking to install rooftop solar and battery storage will now have a “single source of truth” to guide their decision making, following the launch of the federal government’s Solar Consumer Guide.

The online resource, promised by federal Labor in 2022, was developed in collaboration with experts from the Australian PV Institute (APVI), the University of NSW, and industry stakeholders.

Its aim is to make picking the right rooftop solar and battery system “as easy as possible for Australians looking to cut bills and reap the benefits of cleaner, cheaper energy,” the government says.

“The Solar Consumer Guide provides a single source of truth for households and small businesses to get the most from rooftop solar and batteries – ensuring bang for buck for a consumer’s individual needs.”

The site takes prospective solar and battery buyers through a series of steps, that starts with working out the right size and design for a solar system and helps to calculate the estimated costs and savings.

This is done via the existing SunSPOT solar calculator – also federal government funded and developed by APVI and UNSW – that was launched back in 2022 to provide free solar and battery estimates, considering factors like electricity usage, pricing, weather data, shading, and rooftop characteristics.

Other new resources provided by the Solar Consumer Guide include a list of the relevant government rebates or other incentives on offer, a crash course on the basics of how solar works, a list of reputable (and presumably accredited!) retailers and installers, and what to expect on installation day and beyond.

“We know renewable energy is the cheapest form of energy and that’s why we are making it easier for more Australians to tap into solar, take control of their electricity bills and save money,” said federal energy minister Chris Bowen on Friday.

“It is great to be launching the Solar Consumer Guide, which will help more Australians unlock long-term savings on household and small business electricity bills,” said assistant minister for energy Jenny McAllister.

“When used with SunSPOT’s calculator, consumers can have the confidence to know they are receiving trusted information, not relying solely on salespeople for advice.”

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Sophie Vorrath
Editor, One Step Off the Grid
April 18, 2024
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