Low-cost Government loans for all Australian residences could help us all electrify

Even those of us who want to electrify our homes and cars can’t always do so because of the high upfront cost of buying efficient electric machines.

Rewiring Australia has come up with a plan to help every Australian household – regardless of income – fully electrify. They're recommending the Federal Government provide low-cost Government loans for all Australian residences to install solar panels, batteries, efficient electric appliances, and an EV, which could save households up to $5,000 annually on energy and petrol bills.

These HECS-style loans would be paid back when a property is sold and help Australia meet our emissions targets and dramatically ease our cost of living crisis.

Francis Vierboom, Market Transformation Manager at Rewiring Australia, developed the scheme and spoke to the SwitchedOn podcast.

Anne Delaney
SwitchedOn Editor
April 21, 2024
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